Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis, CO House District 12 | Candidate for CO Senate District 17

Gun Violence Prevention

Colorado has one of the highest occurrences of suicide in the country; suicide by gun accounts for 50% of all deaths by suicide, impacting mostly middle-aged men and Colorado teens. In the US, firearm-related death is the 2nd leading cause of death in children.

I support common sense gun legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of children and people in crisis. 

Everyone should be able to go to school or the movies and feel safe. I am so encouraged by the growing involvement of young people and students in supporting responsible, sensible gun laws. For too long America has allowed the NRA and gun manufacturers to control this debate.  I commit that as your Colorado House Representative and as your next State Senator, I will be a Gun Sense legislator. 

I will do everything in my power to:

  • Expand background checks
  • Close domestic abuser loopholes
  • Help people in crisis from hurting themselves or others 
  • Hold gun owners accountable for the misuse of their weapons
  • Raise the age requirement to purchase guns    

Last session…

We successfully passed HB1177, the Extreme Risk Protection Order.  This life-saving bill allows the family of someone in crisis to notify the police and have guns temporarily removed from the situation. This allows the person in crisis to seek help and treatment, before a tragic shooting occurs.  Colorado law enforcement has already implemented this tool a handful of times to save lives since its implementation, January of 2020.   

Going forward:

I will be introducing a bill to require the reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 10 days of incident.  Stolen firearms are used in 80% of gun-related crimes. We are hoping to reduce bodily harm in crimes of opportunity and to prevent youth suicide with this measure. 

The majority of Coloradans believe we must do more about gun violence; I look forward to working with my constituents so we can continue to find solutions.  We need to act now!

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