Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis, CO House District 12 | Candidate for CO Senate District 17


As an Oil and Gas impacted Coloradan, I feel it’s my duty to make a positive impact on the environment of Colorado for future generations. 

Colorado has been ranked 4th in air pollution and Governor Polis has elevated our air-quality rating to “serious.” We are in the middle of a climate emergency. Colorado must do more to reduce emissions, reduce waste, and increase the use of renewable energy to protect Colorado’s air and water.

My contributions to protecting Colorado Environment:

  • Senate Bill 181 was one of the most sweeping and comprehensive oil and gas laws I co-sponsored in my first year with the Colorado General Assembly.  This bill requires the COGCC to prioritize health and safety and it empowers local governments in the decision making process regarding oil and gas operations within their boundaries.  In other words, if a local municipality does not want oil and gas operations, they can ban drilling. 
  • I prime-sponsored a bill to increase tax credits for electric vehicles and co-sponsored a bill to authorize utility investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

What’s next?

  • Again, I will be introducing more incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles and E-Bikes, by introducing a rebate program for used EVs. 
  • I will also be promoting the production and use of plant-based fuel for trucks and farm equipment in order to cut down on the emissions produced by traditional diesel fuel equipment. 
  • To protect our pollinators, I have introduced a bill to ban the retail sale of deadly chemicals known as neonicotinoids, which are especially harmful to our native bee species. Without pollinators we won’t have food, it’s that simple. I am dedicated to doing my part to protect them!
  • You can also count on me to support bills introduced in 2020’s General Assembly that will require a reduction of single use plastics and polystyrene, which choke our waterways and kill our wildlife. 

Colorado was once known as the “healthiest state,” but how can we be healthy with polluted water and smog-filled air?  I love this beautiful state and I am dedicated to protecting our natural resources, especially as our state continues to grow. 

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