Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis, CO House District 12 | Candidate for CO Senate District 17

Voting Record

2019 Legislative Session Report

I am truly honored to represent Lafayette, Louisville and Eastern Longmont as your CO State House Rep., HD12, in Boulder County.  We passed 455 bills in the 2019 session with over 90% bi-partisan support.  Here are just a few of the highlights of 2019 bills that I Prime-sponsored or Co-sponsored.  After one of the most historic Colorado General Assembly Sessions, I believe our legislation will have a positive impact for all Coloradans. 



SB5- Prescription Drug Importation from Canada: Creates a mechanism for CO Pharmacies to import lower cost prescription drugs from Canada.

HB1131- Prescription Drug Cost Education: mandates that drug prices be shared with physicians and advanced practitioners when drug reps (Pharma) are educating them about new medications. 

HB1176- Healthcare Cost Savings Act of 2019: Creates a Healthcare cost analysis task force that will complete an analysis of 3 different healthcare financing systems: (1) our current system, (2) a multiplayer universal option, and (3) a publicly funded universal system for all Coloradans. 

HB1168- State Innovation Waiver Reinsurance Program: Assists health insurers in paying high-cost insurance claims which will reduce system-wide costs, leading to reduced premiums for all Coloradans. 

HB 1278- Treatment for Opioids and Substance Abuse Disorders: Increases access to treatment, a critical need in fighting this epidemic. 

Mental Health

HB1269- Mental Health Parity Act: Requires insurance companies and Medicaid to cover prevention and treatment of mental health conditions parity to medical and surgery benefits. 

Environmental Sustainability

SB181- Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations: Among the most sweeping and comprehensive reforms to oil and gas laws, SB181 requires the COGCC to prioritize health and safety in its governance of oil and gas. It also empowers local governments in the decision-making process regarding oil and gas operations within their boundaries. 

SB077- Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services and HB1159- Modify Innovative Motor Vehicle income tax credits: These bills extended the electric vehicle tax credit and authorize utility investment in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. 

Representative Jaquez Lewis stands with Environmentalists


Economic Security and Safety

HB1322- Expand Supply Affordable Housing and HB1228- Increase Tax Credit Allocation Affordable Housing: These bills addressed affordable housing crisis by shifting funding towards affordable housing initiatives. 

HB1267- Penalties for Failure to Pay Wages: Increases the penalty for wage theft or for paying below minimum wage from a misdemeanor to a felony. 

HB1177- Extreme Risk Protection Order (“Red Flag”): Allows law enforcement to temporarily remove firearms from a person who is deemed to be a high risk for violence toward themselves or others. 

Representative Jaquez Lewis stands with Union Workers


HB1262- Full Day Kindergarten: Establishes universal, free, full-day kindergarten for all Colorado families. 

HB1294- Transfer Apprenticeship Credit to College Credit: Creates a working group to facilitate the transfer of credits earned through construction industry apprenticeship programs to college credit. 

Representative Jaquez Lewis stands with Colorado Teachers


Social Justice

HB1129- Gay Conversion Therapy Ban: Bans the practice of conversion therapy, which seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation, on minors by licensed medical health professionals. 

HB1039- Identity Documents for Transgender Persons (“Jude’s Law”): Makes it much easier for transgender Coloradans to get a new birth certificate, driver’s license or identity document reflecting the gender they identify with. 

HB1124- Protect Colorado Residents from Federal Government Overreach: Strengthens protections for undocumented immigrants facing deportation from coordination with ICE.

Representative Jaquez Lewis stands with the LGBTQ community
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