Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis, CO House District 12 | Candidate for CO Senate District 17

The Issues


As an Oil and Gas impacted Coloradan, I feel it’s my duty to make a positive impact on the environment of Colorado for future generations. 

Colorado has been ranked 4th in air pollution and Governor Polis has elevated our air-quality rating to “serious.” We are in the middle of a climate emergency. Colorado must do more to reduce emissions, reduce waste, and increase the use of renewable energy to protect Colorado’s air and water. 

Health Care

As a Pharmacist, I would be the only Health Care Professional elected to the CO Senate. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to help address the ever-rising costs of prescription medication and medical treatment. Coloradans should not feel forced to choose between rationing life-saving medication and filing bankruptcy. I have already begun to reduce the cost of healthcare for Coloradans, and to hold Pharma to a higher level of transparency. 

Gun Violence Prevention

Colorado has one of the highest occurrences of suicide in the country; suicide by gun accounts for 50% of all deaths by suicide, impacting mostly middle-aged men and Colorado teens. In the US, firearm-related death is the 2nd leading cause of death in children.

I support common sense gun legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of children and people in crisis. 


In the last 30 years, the cost of college tuition has risen more than 200%, leaving many young people to pay back student loan debt for years after earning a degree. Beginning one’s adulthood with a significant amount of debt is not only impacting young adults, but also their ability to afford a life for their families. That’s why, last session, I supported Full Day Kindergarten and why I will be co-sponsoring the “Get on your Feet” bill in 2020.  I support students at all levels and the teachers who educate them. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As the only Female, Latinx, and LGBTQ candidate in the Senate District 17 race and in the Colorado House of Representatives, I will always stand up for equity and inclusion for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ability, or skin color.  

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