Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis, CO House District 12 | Candidate for CO Senate District 17

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a Latina, LGBTQI, Woman, I have spent my entire adult life on the front lines demanding equality, fairness, and respect. In college, I was the first woman to run for student body president. As the President of Boulder Pride, now Out Boulder, I personally helped many victims of hate crimes and brought people together to advocate for their rights. 

No Coloradan should face discrimination because of who they love or who they are.

I thought we had come a long way from when I had to march for my rights as an “out” lesbian, but, unfortunately, the election of Donald Trump showed that is not the case. I completely empathize with everyone who feels threatened by the Trump Administration. 

We face many challenges at the state level as well. Year in and year out, Colorado Republicans try to pass hateful and dangerous laws like shutting down the Colorado Civil Rights division, or allowing businesses to discriminate under the guise of religious freedom. Our businesses, schools and courthouses must be open and accessible to all people.

My accomplishments in the House of Representatives: 

  • Co-sponsored the ban of conversion therapy.
  • Co-sponsored a bill making it easier for Transgender Coloradans to change their birth certificates to reflect their gender identity.
  • Co-sponsored a bill to prevent Federal government over-reach pertaining to the detention of undocumented people by ICE.  

Going forward: 

  • I look forward to protecting our citizens’ rights to access feminine care products and reproductive healthcare
  • I will again bring forth and co-sponsor legislation that will make the lives of our citizens, explicitly our communities of color, safer and more equitable, like gun violence prevention legislation, closing the wage gap, and access to Paid Family Leave.  
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